We have a common emergency to face, finding again the sense of community. The Fargo-Moorhead community is resilient and can conquer anything. Let's meet this challenge all together.

Even though it might look like our lives are suspended, even though we find it hard to accept this sense of unpredictability, it is not the moment to stop. It's the moment to do anything possible. Solidarity and collaboration among the businesses and residents are crucial during this crisis. The independent small businesses and nonprofits are suffering and are at risk of never recovering. These are the businesses and groups that make our city unique and serve those that need it most. You.

Let's do what we can to shop local and donate to our most at risk local businesses. Everywhere new ideas are emerging to get in touch with each other so find it all in one place.

Below are links to resources that can help support our small businesses, restaurants, bars, and nonprofits. Thank you for your generosity and let's show the world that we are #FMStrong!